Rough Diamond Color & Purity

The purpose of the Rough Diamond courses is to provide the students with comprehensive knowledge of rough diamond manual planning & marking, sarin machine operating ,galaxy QC,understanding of color and purity in rough. The student will acquire profound orientation in planning and marking of rough diamond trading worldwide and diamond market.


  • Rough diamond identification
  • Rough diamond planning & marking
  • Planning and Marking according to purity
  • Color & Purity (Rough & Polished Diamond)
  • Planning according to Sarine machine and operating system.
  • System of rough diamond valuation.
  • Rapa port and Idex diamond pricing system
  • Rough diamond Planning & Marking for various shapes.
  • Learn planning of fancy shape.
  • Planning system of multi plan,pointer,solitaire and single packet.
  • Understanding of inclusion plotting and reflection.

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