Jewelry Design Manual Course

Jewelry Design (JD) course will cover how to illustrate your idea accurately and attractively, turning your imaginary idea into a work of art in a piece of paper. Student will start with basic sketching exercise to understand 3D and transforming their ideas into 3D drawings and later get acquainted with rendering techniques.

The use of different color, understanding of jewelry components, method for jewelry design presentation like professionals are essential foundation to master your jewelry design skill. The students are introduced to the creative planning of jewelry.

The institute offers a comprehensive course structure and curricula with experienced faculty. They help train student to become professionals with the blend of talent and the right professional training to be absorbed by the fastest growing sector gem & jewelry industry


  • Elements and principles of Designing Basic
  • Shading techniques
  • Detailed rendering and Illustration of colored stone, diamond & Metals
  • Designing various forms of jewelry
  • Budgeting of the jewelry design
  • Manufacturing Workshop
  • Factory Visit
  • Theory & Practice exam

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