About us

The ISD – International school of Diamond is a truly unique institute offering wide range of courses related to Gems & Jewellery industry. ISD’s impressive diamond, gem and jewelery collection, modern equipment and instructional materials ensure that our students receive the highest standard of education.ISD provides it’s students the skilled and professionalism for success in the Gems & jewellry industry as a Rough Diamond planner ,buyer, polished diamond grader, asserter, diamond business management, gemologist, Jewellery designer or jewelry sales professional. We provide it all, including short time workshops and seminars.

ISD is the only institute who provide diamond business management and marketing related courses with market research and practical industry experience.

Mission Vision & Values

ISD prepares students for professional excellence in diamond and business through adaptable academic programs, world class infrastructure, modern technology, experiential learning, innovative programs and affiliation. A premier educational institution in surat city.

The ISD is committed to providing exceptional educational programs for the diamond industry and contributing to the betterment of the trade by creating industrial standards.